Lambs Frolicking in the Pasture

Lovin' on Bella

Lovin’ on Bella

All the lovely lambs are out of the birthing jugs and frolicking freely in the tall, clean pasture. Their mamas are happily grazing, nursing, sleeping, and trying to keep up with their babies as they discover every rock and stick, and rodent hole in their one-acre home. It’s been three days of late night, and early morning, checks on the still-pregnant ewes, but so far nothing new. With only a few more to go I was really hoping to get them all done in one week so I wouldn’t have to be so restricted to staying on the farm, checking the sheep every few hours. I suppose I should be thankful that we only bred 12 sheep this year, and the births might all be done in 3 weeks, instead of 3 months, like the past few years.

I give all the newborns a 1mL injection of BO-SE, which is a nutritional boost of selenium, salt, vitamin E, because in Deschutes County, our soil is deficient in selenium so this helps them get a good start on life. They’re subcutaneous, which are the easiest shots to give, even Bob can do those now, and he hates needles. We’ve banded all the tails (we do this at 48 hours of age so there isn’t much pain at this age, yet they get a couple of days to get over the stress of birth.

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