How did I accidentally become a farmer? What’s it like to be a farmer and what might you get from this website? As with everything in life, it’s a shared journey so here I will share the daily life on Bear Creek Farm, the mistakes made, the problems solved, information learned, laughter heard, and inspiration found. If you’re a farmer, a foodie, a dreamer, a nature and animal lover, then join the tribe.

The ACCIDENTAL FARMER is for people exploring–or dedicated to–sustainable living with a focus on small farming and producing good food for family, friends and community. As the saying goes, “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food”. So welcome, and I hope you’ll get to know this farmer.

The Latest from the Accidental Farmer Journal:

Lamb Grafting Stanchion

Lamb Grafting Stanchion

Last year one of our ewes (Sombra) gave birth to twins — one ewe lamb (Lilly) and one ram lamb (Lincoln) — but she rejected the little boy. Whenever he tried to nurse she would put her head down and shoo him away with her horns. We milked Sombra and bottle fed Lincoln for the first day but we knew the best thing for his long-term health would be to nurse from his mother. And with 20 more pregnant ewes yet to give birth, we didn’t need the extra time commitment of bottle feeding him numerous times per day. (read more…)

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